Guest communication

Personal and streamlined communication with your guests

Send personalized messages from the messaging center or schedule automated emails to reduce recurring work.


Every booking has a Messages tab. The central place where all guest communication for that booking comes together. Everything is shown on a chronological timeline, so you can exactly see what’s sent, to who, and when.

Booking timeline in Bookingmood

Manual emails

Got something to share with your guests? Send them an email directly from Bookingmood. No need to CC your colleagues, they can see the mail right from the messaging tab.

Manual email sending in Bookingmood

Email templates

Avoid duplicate work by using templates. These templates support variables, attachments and can be translated into the your guest's preferred language.

Email template creation in Bookingmood

Automated emails

Configure them once and they'll be sent for every booking. Our automated emails ensure you never miss important details, whether it's sharing directions or requesting guest reviews. Schedule them based on arrival or departure, or triggered events like completed payments.

Automated emails in Bookingmood

Custom sender address

By default, our emails are sent from a address. If you have your own domain, enhance the professionalism of your communication by using a custom sender email address.

Booking email sent from Bookingmood

Booking status page

Every booking recorded in Bookingmood comes with a private status page (of course, with customization options). On this page, guests can access their booking details, view financial information, and make payments.

Booking status page generated by Bookingmood

Guests overview

Access all your guest information in one place. View past guests, related bookings, and easily edit or download their information as needed.

Past guest overview in Bookingmood

Booking management

Stay on top of your bookings


In-app communication, permissions

Booking flows

Configurable rates & restrictions

Embeddable widgets

Bookingmood in your existing website

Website builder

Customizable no-code websites