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Craft your own personalized website with advanced search and booking functionalities.

Catalog website

Showcase your rental units on your own catalog website. Bookingmood automatically organizes and displays your units, allowing visitors to find their preferred options quickly. With our booking plan, you can enable online bookings for a seamless experience.

Catalog website generated by Bookingmood

Single-unit website

Highlight your rental unit with Bookingmood's single-unit website template. Skip the search and filtering process, guiding visitors to a dedicated page with an integrated calendar and booking options.

Single-unit website generated by Bookingmood

Content pages

Go beyond bookings – share local tips, maintain a blog, and display past reviews using Bookingmood's user-friendly page builder. Easily add diverse content to enhance your website.

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Styling options

Match your website's style with your brand. Upload a logo, choose preferred colors and fonts, all from a single interface. No coding or web developer required.

Bookingmood website editor

Customizable filters

Extend default filters with custom options that suit your units. Filter by the number of rooms, amenities, or province to enhance user experience.

Customizable filters on Bookingmood catalog website

Let visitors explore your units interactively through an embedded map.

Map based search in Bookingmood catalog website


Bookingmood supports translation in over 20 languages out-of-the-box. Start with a single language and translate your content into multiple languages of your choice.

Bookingmood supports over 20 languages for websites

Custom domain

Complete your website with a custom domain for enhanced brand awareness and a more professional look. Link your Bookingmood website to your own domain at no extra charge. Since we automatically manage certificates, your website can be live in minutes and you don't need to worry about SSL or other technical details.

All Bookingmood sites are served over a secure connection

Search engine optimized

To help you rank in search engines, Bookingmood websites follow SEO best practices and are optimized for speed and accessibility. We also provide simple tools for you to refine the appearance of your pages on search engines yourself.

First-party analytics

Track your website's performance with ease. Monitor visitor numbers and page-views, spot trends, see which pages perform best. Bookingmood's first-party analytics ensure privacy and GDPR compliance, offering simple insights into your website's success.

Website analytics overview in Bookingmood

Booking management

Stay on top of your bookings


In-app communication, permissions

Booking flows

Configurable rates & restrictions

Guest communication

Personal contact and automations

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