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Are you an agency, building websites for clients? On this page we explain how you can use Bookingmood when working for clients.


When you sign up for Bookingmood you are also setting up an Organization within Bookingmood. For normal users this would be something like Sunny Lofts Ibiza or Speedy Campers or just the name of your only rental. An Organization can have one or multiple rentals and one or multiple members. You can create multiple Organizations. One for your agancy (to test with) and one for every client! And that's why Bookingmood works perfectly for agencies.

How to use Bookingmood as an agency with clients

Bookingmood is designed with agencies in mind. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Create an Organization for your agency

You can create An Organization within Bookingmood with the name of your agency. Once you did that, please send us a message at and we'll convert that Organization to a Booking plan, for free 🎉! This way, you can demo Bookingmood to your clients. You can add fake rentals, make fake booking enquiries, and so on! All under your agency account.

Step 2: Create an Organization for every client

Did you impress your client with Bookingmood? Awesome! You can now create a new Organization for your client. Click on the arrow near your current Organization and click on + New organization.

Creating an additional organization in Bookingmood

Step 3: Add the client to the Organization

After the Organization is created, add your client as a member. Go to Team > + Member. Give them the role Super user.

You and your client can now both manage the Organization. And you can switch to other Organizations, from yourself or your clients, with two mouse-clicks!

Step 4: The client orders a subscription

Because you created an Organization for the client, and added the client as a Super user, they will now be able to order a subscription themselves.

Affiliate program

We offer an affiliate program. If you refer people to Bookingmood, you will earn 25% of the value of the first order they place. The affiliate system we used is called Tapfiliate. Learn more about Tapfiliate on their website. It's free to sign up and join our affiliate program.

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