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Migrating from

When you migrate to Bookingmood, nothing will happen to your calendars and data of Your calendars, embed codes and everything of will keep working during and after the migration to Bookingmood. So, will keep working until your subscription period ends. This means a worry-free migration without interruptions, and plenty of time to figure things out.

Migration steps

As a customer of, you can export your calendars and users and import them into Bookingmood.

1. Get the export token.

2. Importing in Bookingmood

  1. Open your dashboard. If you don't have a Bookingmood account yet, please create one first (free trial).
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Data import.
  4. Click on and follow the steps.

3. Widget & site setup

Now you just have to create the widgets under Channels and use these new embed codes. Just replace the old embed codes from with the new ones of Bookingmood on your website and you're done!

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Migration steps1. Get the export token.2. Importing in Bookingmood3. Widget & site setup