Bookingmood for your Facebook Marketplace advert

Sep 29, 20232 min readUse-case

Bookingmood for your Facebook Marketplace advert

Adriaan de Jager

Adriaan de Jager

Did you ever thought about listing your vacation rental on Facebook Marketplace? Over a billion users visit Facebook Marketplace monthly. That’s quite a lot, and it’s still growing! The integration with Facebook Messenger means that your guests can always contact you in a convenient, trusted way.

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have an availability calendar or booking system. And that’s where Bookingmood comes in handy. You can simply add a direct link to your Bookingmood calendar, so everyone that sees your Facebook Marketplace ad can instantly see the availability of your vacation rental, and make a direct booking.

Your own booking widget

With Bookingmood, you can create a booking widget within minutes. The widget shows the availability of your vacation rental in a clear way. You can enable the possibility for booking requests and instant bookings as well. After you’ve created the widget, you can easily link to it from within your Facebook Marketplace ad.

Your own booking website

Do you want to take it a step further and create an even more professional booking experience? Then use the built-in website builder of Bookingmood and launch it on your own domain name. Then, simple put the link to the website in your ad, and watch the bookings come in.


You might be thinking, what it this going to cost? Well, it’s probably even more affordable than you think. For £3.30 a month you have your own availability calendar and for less than £25 per month you have your own booking system integrated in a professional website.

Free trial

Interested and want to have a try? Sign up here and try it out for free.

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