Content to put on your vacation rental website

Apr 5, 20242 min read

Content to put on your vacation rental website

Lennart Visscher

Lennart Visscher

Working on your own vacation rental website and wondering what content you should add? We've got some nice tips for you.


Guests often want to know all the details about the interior. They want to make sure it's a nice and comfortable place. It's their precious holiday! They want to get an impression of the rooms and sizes, so they can check if there's space for everyone. By adding clear descriptions and beautiful photos you'll convince the guest to book with you. And have you thought about 360° shots?


What does it look like outside? Is there a garden, rooftop or balcony? Describe it and show photos of all spots. A video tour is a perfect way the give your website visitors a good sense of your location. Note that describing your vacation rental is also a form of search engine optimization. Search engines like relevant, unique content!

Things to do

Make a list of all exciting (or relaxing) things to do nearby. Your vacation rental is not the only thing that your guests come for. They also want to explore the surroundings. Share beautiful hiking trails, cultural hot spots, adrenaline activities, you name it. When there's a public calendar with upcoming events and activities, share it on your website!

Booking calendar

Of course your website needs a user friendly booking calendar. That's what we provide with Bookingmood. The ability to view the availability and to book directly with you will save you, and the guest, a lot of time. Whether you just display the availability, accept booking requests or instant bookings!


The most trustworthy marketing comes from other people. This 'social proof' is a must on your vacation rental website. It's cost effective and will convince your guests to book with you. With Bookingmood, you can easily collect reviews and share them on your website.

About you

Guests will get a sense of thrust when they get to know the people behind the vacation rental. And, it gives you the perfect chance to share your story and connect on a personal level. You can make it even more personal with a photo.

Contact details

Providing your website visitors with contact details will help them to contact you when they have questions before they book. It might sound obvious, but don't hide your contact details too much. Put them on a place where your visitors can find them easily.


Guests can have all kind of questions. When you get certain questions more often, you can add them to a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website. It will save a lot of emails and phone calls!

Terms and conditions

Outline rules, responsibilities and expectations in the Terms & Conditions and add a link to this page in the footer of your website. It's a common place, your website visitors will find it quickly. You can also include them in your booking form and let the guest agree with them when they submit a booking.

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