Create a listing site for vacation rentals without code

Oct 3, 20222 min readTutorial

Create a listing site for vacation rentals without code

Lennart Visscher

Lennart Visscher

Listing sites are popular, especially ones created for specific niches like dog-friendly vacation rentals, winter camping, or wedding venues in Cyprus. Did you know that nowadays anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can launch a vacation rental listing site?

Website builder

The first thing you need when creating a listing site is a good website builder or content management system. There are several website builders out there, like Wix, Squarespace, Jimdo, Zyro, and Weebly. Also, a content management system like WordPress with the MyListing plugin is a good starting point.

Most website builders come with a selection of professionally designed themes that you can customize without having to write any HTML or CSS. Adding a page takes just two mouse clicks, so you can simply create a separate page for each vacation rental. Incorporate beautiful texts and amazing photos, and your vacation rental page is almost there.

Booking calendar

The second thing you need is a booking calendar that blends seamlessly into your listing site. That's where Bookingmood comes in handy. With Bookingmood, you can create booking calendars and add them to your vacation rental pages. But there's more. You can also add users and assign them to their own booking calendar inside Bookingmood. This way, vacation rental owners can update their own calendars. Every update will automatically reflect on the listing site.

Bookingmood is very flexible. You can have it display available rentals and nothing more, or you can also enable online booking. Visitors to your listings can book their vacation rental through your website! Bookings are received by the vacation rental owners direct to their Bookingmood accounts. They'll love it! Bookingmood is 100% commission free, so no hidden charges!

Are you planning to create a listing site? Contact us, and we'll help you to make it a success!

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