What people use Bookingmood for

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What people use Bookingmood for

Lennart Visscher

Lennart Visscher

While the vast majority of our users are using Bookingmood for their holiday homes, we also see a lot of other interesting use cases. Let's give you some nice insights! 👀

Motorhomes and campers 🚐

Holiday homes on wheels. Motorhomes and campers are very popular nowadays. It gives you a lot freedom, which means you are not tight to one specific location. Unlike holiday homes, most motorhomes are rented out 'per day' instead of 'per night'.

Motorcycles 🏍

Cruising along the coast or racing through the woods. Motorcycles come in all sorts and shapes. If you don't own a motorcycle or if you don't feel like taking your motorcycle with you, just rent one! Bookingmood helps a lot of motorcycle rental companies keeping track of their bikes and bookings!

Wedding photographers 📸

The availability of a wedding photographer is very important. In most cases, the date of your wedding is already fixed before you're going to search for the perfect wedding photographer. This means that the photographer must be available on your special date! With Bookingmood wedding photographers can easily manage their availability and show it on their website. This prevents a lot of disappointments upfront!

Wedding venues 💒

Unlike holiday homes, most wedding venues are booked for just one day. An unforgettable day, of course! That's what makes the availability so important. You don't want to plan your wedding while your dream location is already booked. Bookingmood helps the owners of wedding venues to communicate the availability clearly and keep track of all the bookings. Once your booking is saved in Bookingmood, you can rest assured that you will have a great day! 💍

Clothes 👗

It seems to be getting more popular to rent expensive clothes for special occassions. Why buy a exclusive dress for $ 2.000 that you hardly ever wear when you can also rent one for $ 100? Bookingmood helps people that rent out exclusive clothes.

Pets 🐾

Bookingmood helps pet sitters and dog boarders to manage their availability based on their capacity. You probably don't want to think about suddenly getting 48 dogs in one morning when you only have room for 8.

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