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Accepting online bookings

In the Booking plan, you have the ability to enable online bookings via Widgets and Websites.

Two types of bookings

You can choose between two types of bookings:

Booking request

  • A visitor makes a booking request.
  • The booking will have the Pending status.
  • The guest can see the status of their booking on their Booking status page.
  • You can generate the invoice of the booking, which will be added to the Booking status page.
  • You can confirm or cancel the booking manually, or automatically when the initial payment is received (setting in the Booking flow).

Instant booking

  • A visitor makes a booking.
  • The invoice will be generated directly and the guest will be asked to pay to complete the booking.
  • After the initial payment, the booking will be Confirmed automatically.

Getting started

Follow the steps below to accept online bookings. Let's get started!

1. Create a rental unit

Everything starts with a rental unit. It can be your holiday home, condo, B&B, camper, boat or whatever you rent out.

  • Click on Units.
  • Click on + New unit.

Learn more: creating a rental unit.

2. Add rent, rates and restrictions

The rent and additional prices can be defined in the Booking flow. Also the settings regarding the availability, like the minimum and maximum duration of a booking and the check-in and check-out days are defined in the Booking flow.

  • Click on Units.
  • Click on a unit.
  • Click on Booking flow.

Learn more: Rent, rates en restrictions.

3. Create a booking form

A guest makes a booking by clicking on the calendar to select a check-in and check-out date, and then filling out and submitting the booking form. The booking form contains fields. You can add also additional fees, like end cleaning and a tourist tax, in the booking form. It's part of the booking flow.

  • Click on Units.
  • Click on a unit.
  • Click on Booking flow.

Learn more: Booking form.

4. Set up the emails

Emails containing information about their booking are sent to your guests. You can also set up Automated emails, for example if you want to send an email to the guest 7 days before the arrival.

  • Click on Units.
  • Click on a unit.
  • Click on Booking flow.

Learn more: Automated emails to guests.

Learn more: Manual emails to guests.

5. Set up a payment method (optional)

If you want to handle payments via Bookingmood, you have to set up a payment method. You can connect with Stripe and let your guest pay online. For every booking one invoice will be created.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll to the Financial part.

Learn more: Booking payments.

6. Create a widget

To embed the booking system on your own website, you will need to create a widget. Use the embed code to insert the calendar on your website.

  • Click on Channels.
  • Click on + New channel.
  • Choose a widget type.

Learn more: Creating a widget and embedding it on your website.

7. Set up a website (optional)

You can create multiple websites using Bookingmood.

  • Click on Channels.
  • Click on + New channel.
  • Choose a website.

Learn more: Creating websites.

8. Get and manage the bookings!

All bookings that guests make are stored in your Bookingmood dashboard. Happy booking! 🎉

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