Booking calendar for Duda

The best booking calendar for your Duda website

Hey Duda user! Are you looking for a booking calendar to embed on your Duda website? Bookingmood is a simple booking calendar that blends into your Duda website perfectly. It works as simple as Duda. Start showing your availability and accept bookings today!

Embedding Bookingmood in Duda took us just 2 minutes!

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Duda and Bookingmood:

  • Add an availability calendar to your Duda website
  • Enable the option to book directly from your Duda website
  • Easy to manage

Bookingmood is 100% compatible with Duda

We tested Bookingmood with Duda and it passed all tests 😀. You just have to embed your Bookingmood widget once. After that is done, every booking you add in Bookingmood will be visible on your Duda site immediately.

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Sign up and test out Bookingmood for free. The trial is fully functional, so you'll be able to add it to your Duda site during the whole trial.

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The best booking calendar for your Duda websiteDuda and Bookingmood:Bookingmood is 100% compatible with DudaGet started with Bookingmood