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Looking for a booking calendar for Simvoly?

Bookingmood is a simple, flexible booking calendar that can be added to your Simvoly website in just a few mouse clicks. No technical skills are required; it all works out of the box. We wrote a simple step-by-step manual for Simvoly as well. With Bookingmood you can add an availability calendar or booking system to your Simvoly website.

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About bookingmood

Do you want to accept bookings or just display the availability? Bookingmood can do both, but it's your choice. That's what we call flexibility! From a simple availability calendar to an automated booking system: Bookingmood has a right plan for you as a Simvoly user.

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Advantages of Bookingmood and Simvoly

  • It works out of the box
  • Visitors can see the availability on your Simvoly website
  • Visitors can directly book via your Simvoly website

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Add a booking calendar to your Simvoly site today! Sign up and test out Bookingmood for free. Any questions? Ask us!

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