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Add a booking calendar to Sitejet

Are you using Sitejet to build your website? Or using it for your clients? If you, or your client, needs a booking calendar, try Bookingmood! It works perfectly with Sitejet. Check out our step-by-step manual that we wrote for Sitejet. With Bookingmood you can add an availability calendar or booking system to your Sitejet website.

Check the Bookingmood for Sitejet manual

Bookingmood is flexible and easy to use

Do you want to accept bookings or just display the availability? Bookingmood offers you both options. Do you just want to display the availability? No problem! Bookingmood can behave like a very simple availability calendar. Do you also want to accept online bookings via your Sitejet website? Just upgrade and and enjoy all features.

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Advantages of Bookingmood and Sitejet

  • Bookingmood is 100% compatible with Sitejet
  • You just have to add it once to Sitejet
  • Every update you make in Bookingmood will automatically reflect on your Sitejet website

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Add a booking calendar to your Sitejet website today! Get started for free and enjoy all the features!

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