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In the competitive world of vacation rentals, having an attractive, user-friendly website is a necessity. A well-designed website can help you differentiate your property, generate direct bookings and strengthen your brand. Fortunately, website builders make it easier than ever to set up a professional website without any technical knowledge. In this article we explore what website builders are, why you should use website builders and how easy it is to embed Bookingmood into your preferred website builder.

What are website builders exactly?

Website builders are Saas (Software as a Service) systems that provide an easy structure to create your own website. Most of the website builders out there use predefined templates that you can customize with your own content and identity. The main advantage of a website builder is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to create your own website.

Why should you use a website builder?

Gone are the days when it was enough to only list your property on OTA platforms like Airbnb or With your own website you have control, credibility and the opportunity for direct communication with potential guests. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you attract new customers who might not otherwise have heard of your rental unit.

There are a lot of website builders out there. Each website builder is slightly different from each other, but they are all affordable and easy to use. The three current most popular website builders:


Wix is known for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which allows users without programming knowledge to create stylish websites. The platform offers specific templates for vacation rentals, making it an excellent choice for owners looking for simplicity and functionality. If you're looking for a booking calendar for your Wix website, Bookingmood is the booking calendar you need.


Squarespace is praised for its beautiful designs and powerful features. Although slightly less intuitive than Wix, Squarespace offers advanced design capabilities and excellent SEO tools, ideal for rental unit owners looking to maximize their online presence. Bookingmood can be used as a availability calendar or booking plugin for your Squarespace website.


Weebly is an intuitive website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites without any programming knowledge. With its drag-and-drop features, diverse templates and customizable design options, Weebly is ideal for vacation rental owners who want to promote their properties online. Bookingmood is the perfect booking system for your Weebly website.


For those who want more control over every aspect of their website, WordPress is a good choice. This platform requires more technical skills but offers flexibility and extensibility through themes and plugins. If you've build your website with Elementor or WooCommerce and you're looking for a availability calendar plugin or booking calendar plugin, Bookingmood is the booking calendar plugin you need. We've made sure Bookingmood is fully compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce.

What to look out for when creating your own booking website

  • Choose a responsive design, so you are sure your website looks good on all devices
  • Provide clear information which includes all details about your property: location, capacity, amenities, prices and availability
  • Use quality photos: make sure you invest in professional photography or make sure your photos are clear and attractive
  • Make use of guest reviews: positive reviews build trust with potential guests so make sure you display them prominently on your site. This is possible with Bookingmood!

The importance of SEO for your vacation rental website

Even the most beautiful website will not attract visitors without good visibility in search engines. Invest time in SEO strategies, such as keyword research focusing on terms that potential guests might use, optimize titles and meta-descriptions and add quality content to your website.

How does Bookingmood work in a website builder?

We’ve made sure it’s very easy to add Bookingmood into any website builder. You can see Bookingmood as a plugin or app that you add to your website with only an embed code.

In just a few steps you can add the availability calendar or booking calendar to your website:

  1. Sign up to create your account
  2. Create your preferred widget
  3. Embed into your website

As you can see it’s super easy to add Bookingmood as a booking system to your website!

Bookingmood connects with a lot of website builders

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