April 2024

Set a time for tasks

You can now set specific times for tasks to be completed, providing greater flexibility in scheduling and prioritizing activities.

Timeline density

The zoom setting on the dashboard lets you adjust how closely packed or spaced out the timeline appears, making it easier to see more or less information at once.

Other improvements

  • Specify the time for scheduled emails to be sent.
  • Choose to send or skip scheduled emails when scheduled in the past.
  • Manually change the amount of payment moments per booking.
  • Add private notes to Contacts.

March 2024

Send text messages

You can now send text messages (SMS) to your guests the same way as you can send emails. Set up scheduled text messages, or send them manually.

Send a text message

Same day bookings

Let your guests book and check-in on the same day. Set the latest possible booking time and welcome your guests a few minutes or hours later.

Booking time

Other improvements

  • Import reviews from Google
  • Change review dates
  • Better iCal feed import process
  • Density lay-out setting for the Timeline
  • Improved the migration of units between Organizations
  • Performance improvements
  • Visual improvements

February 2024


We've added more insightful stats, graphs and tables! See information about funnels, occupation and financials. Analytics are available per widget, site and unit.

Analytics in Bookingmood

Review widget

Get and publish reviews from guests! Let your guest write a review after their stay, and share them with others via widgets and sites.

Guest review form

Zapier integration

Zapier lets you connect Bookingmood to 6,000+ other web services. Automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps, without having to code! Learn how to connect Bookingmood with Zapier.

Zapier integration


Listen for events on your Bookingmood account so your integration can automatically trigger real-time reactions. Learn how to use Webhooks.

Availability display

More colour options. Indicate days that are Booked, Closed, Unavailable, Pending and Available days with separate colours.

Availability colours

Other improvements

  • Added icons for all calendar providers for syncing purposes.
  • Expanded the payment instructions field for the manual payment method.
  • You can now add tasks for tentative bookings as well.
  • Hide language picker when site only supports a single language.
  • Added partial transparency for Timeline widgets with limited height.
  • Improved flexibility when importing iCal feeds with manual time offset ability.

Product Hunt launch

Bookingmood is now hunted on Product Hunt, the place to launch and discover new tech products! Open Bookingmood on Product Hunt and give us an upvote if you like :)

January 2024

Checklists improvements

You can now assign team members to specific tasks from booking checklists, and enable notifications to get an email and text (SMS) reminder 24 hours before the task is due. Your cleaners will love it. Need to reschedule or add a task manually? No problem as well!

Booking checklist for cleaners

Manage translations easier

We've improved the way that translations are managed. You now have a better overview and can translate content more efficient.

Translation management

More possibilities for imported bookings

Are you importing bookings from other websites, like Airnb? You can now fully integrate them in Bookingmood as a normal booking. Simply open an imported booking and click on + Specify booking details. You can then add contact details, generate invoices, add tasks, and a lot more! Just like a normal booking.

Shorter references

The booking and invoice references are now shorter and more readable. They now look like #20240012. A lot easier to use over the phone!

Add attachments in custom emails

When you're sending an email to a guest manually, you can now add an attachments. Send PDF's with extra information, or any other document you can think of!

User interface improvements

We're continuously improving the design of the Bookingmood dashboard. We've tweaked the booking editor and other parts of the dashboard.

Google Vacation Rentals integration (Beta)

We're currently working with Google on the integration with Google Vacation Rentals! Add your rental units to Google for free and reach out to 1 billion people from all over the world! Read more about the integration with Google Vacation Rentals and apply today!

December 2023


New website

We have a new website! is redesigned, and useful content is added! The website now gives a better overview of all the functionalities of Bookingmood. Plus, docs and guides are now part of our own website. Also check out the new extensive API reference.

New landing page

API improvements

The API got a big update! You can do a lot more with our API now! Check out the API reference and explore all the new possibilities!

November 2023


Simplified subscription plans

To make things more clear, we now offer two plans: Availability and Book. Check out the functionalities of both plans on the Pricing page. The Availability plan is the same as the old Plus plan. The Book plan is the same as the old Premium plan. Nothing will change for users on old plans.

Improved the admin panel lay-out

Tables now have dividers, the navigation is flattened, the previews of sites are optimized, and a lot of other improvements!

Improved widget loading speed

Widgets will now load faster than before, due to technical changes.


Improved the behaviour when clicking on dates

You can now click on a full date to select it, also for nightly bookings.

Selected dates are highlighted

When you've selected dates, they are now highlighted for better visibility.

Add more than 100 units per widget

Widgets & sites were previously limited to 100 units. They now support any number of units.

Automatically select a random unit out of grouped results

When you have a lot of the same units, you can now group them in the Search or Inventory widget. When a visitors books, a random unit will be selected in the background. This means the visitor won't have to choose from one of many of the same units. Perfect for camping spots and hotel rooms!

Website builder

Single unit website

Instead of creating a catalog website (Iisting site with many units), you can now also create a website for a single unit. Ideal to showcase just one unit!

October 2023

  • You can now work together with your cleaners & maintenance staff within Bookingmood!
  • Bulk download invoices of Bookingmood under Settings > Download invoices.
  • Added a setting to exclude bookings with a Pending status from iCal feeds.
  • premium Added parameters (total, name, email and phone) in the URL after a booking for better tracking possibilities.
  • premium Improved automated emails.

September 2023

  • The search results on the listing site can now be shown on a πŸ—ΊοΈ map.
  • premium Introduced the Booking flow, a new way to set up and manage your booking process!
  • premium Add coupons and give discounts!

August 2023

  • User interface improvements
  • premium You can now use up to 3 digits for taxes, like 9.975%

June 2023

  • Improved the performance πŸŽοΈπŸ’¨ of Bookingmood
  • Β‘Hola! The dashboard is now fully available in πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spanish.
  • premium Add negative amounts to invoices, so you can add discounts or create credit invoices.
  • premium Delete invoices when they're not paid yet.

May 2023

  • Improved calendar date selection on mobile devices.
  • Added infinite scrolling for several calendar views in the admin panel.
  • Change the default All table views.
  • Exporting Bookings and Contacts is now based on active filters.
  • Improved the display of active filters.
  • Hovering the timeline highlights the date in the table header.
  • Redesigned many parts of the Listing site.
  • Improved the search functionality of the Listing site.
  • Replaced tags with attributes, which offers a lot more functionality.
  • premium Show rent prices directly in the calendar, dynamically.
  • premium Included tax amount is now shown below the pricing table, instead as a line item.
  • premium Link rental units from Search, Timeline and Inventory widget to own web page. (URL).
  • premium A new way to send messages to your customers, with a lot of new features!
  • premium Instant bookings is live! Let guests book instantly, without having to confirm a booking manually.

April 2023

  • Redesigned the admin dashboard for a better user experience.
  • Define the time zone of your rental unit.
  • Adjust the location of your rental unit on the map, manually.
  • premium Customize the sender address so the emails are sent using your own domain name.
  • premium Define if taxes are included in the price or should be applied on top of the price.

March 2023

  • Huge privacy improvements. No more tracking, no cookie consent needed!
  • Improved navigation and search fields.
  • plus Advanced Listing page customization options.
  • premium Ability to hide unavailable rental units in the search and inventory widget.
  • premium Extra variables in payment related emails.
  • premium You can specify taxes for custom line items on invoices.
  • premium Advances address field customization options in the booking form.
  • premium Launched Booking payments! πŸ’°
  • premium Introduced the Booking status page for new bookings!
  • premium Security deposit now shows under Subtotal.

February 2023

  • The listing pages now have nice URL's which you can edit. Also good for SEO!
  • Customize the layout and design of the listing page.
  • Perform a one-time import of bookings via an iCal feed.
  • Create and save your own table views.
  • premium Added new email templates and new variables to use!
  • premium Add attachments to email templates.
  • premium You can now duplicate booking forms.
  • premium First release of manual payments and invoices.

January 2023 - Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

  • We did a lot of user interface improvements
  • You can now also specify the minimum number of guests of a rental unit.
  • Instead of a subscription you can also use Bookingmood with pre-paid payments. Learn more
  • Add reusable Contacts to bookings. Learn more
  • plus Select multiple check-in and checkout days within one availability configuration.
  • premium Schedule emails X days before and after arrival and departure. Learn more
  • premium Enable text message (SMS) notifications for incoming bookings.

December 2022

  • Drag and drop to edit and move bookings.
  • Add and edit bookings in full screen.
  • Let a calendar or inventory widget show a full year.
  • Adding a booking is simplified. There are no required fields.
  • plus Show the day or night rate directly in your calendar.
  • plus Importing bookings via iCal feeds? You can now add notes to them!
  • premium The form builder just got a big update!
  • premium Specify taxes and deposits in the form builder.
  • premium Create multiple booking forms and select one per rental unit.

November 2022

  • Each booking now shows a chronological timeline of events. Never lose track!
  • Print your calendar on good old fashioned paper. Learn more.
  • Add tags to your rentals and let visitors filter your rentals on tags. Learn more.
  • premium Redirect guests, after they submitted a booking form, to a specific page. Learn more.
  • premium Show rates and prices in multiple currencies. Learn more.
  • premium Send booking notification emails. Learn more.

October 2022

  • The user interface got a big redesign with a lot of improvements.
  • Added data format export options: CSV(,), CSV(;) and JSON.
  • premium Pricing and availability rules can now be managed easier and better on a separate page.
  • premium You can now specify the default number of guests that shows up in the booking form.
  • premium You can now hide the guests field in the booking form.

August 2022

  • Send the embed instructions to a colleague, nephew, an agency or whoever is building your website!
  • plus The pricing table is now included on the public page, if you added prices.

July 2022

  • The user interface got a nice update to make it even more clear and efficient.
  • You can now also change the first day of the week for yourself under the Profile tab.
  • Give feedback, add ideas, comment and vote! Check out the Feedback tab in the admin panel!
  • plus Custom fonts for widgets are here! The 50 most popular Google Fonts can now be selected.
  • premium New smart availability rule: Cooldown time: minimum time after a booking.
  • premium Add flexible prices per booking, guest or night to your booking form! Learn more.

June 2022

  • There's a new theme for the Timeline widget, called Classic.
  • plus You can now choose to include or exclude booking details in the iCal feeds.
  • premium The dashboard looks cleaner. Booking enquiries are on a separate page now.
  • premium You can now build your own booking form! Go to Settings > Booking enquiries.

May 2022

  • Bonjour! Bookingmood is now available in the πŸ‡«πŸ‡· French language.
  • We've added monthly subscriptions and updated the pricing page.
  • The Settings page is redesigned to make things easier.
  • Sehr schΓΆn! Bookingmood is now available in the πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ German language.
  • plus Rental pricing is now way more advanced and flexible! Learn more.
  • plus Added the widget layout setting to display weekday abbreviations in the overview widget.
  • premium Don't want to receive notifications of booking enquiries? You can now disable them.
  • premium Customize and translate the enquiry confirmation emails that are sent to your guests.

April 2022

  • You can now display all your rentals in one clear overview on the catalog website.
  • Renting out your rental β˜€οΈ per day instead of πŸŒ™ per night? You can choose now! Learn more.
  • It's now super easy to increase or decrease the number of guests with the new + and - buttons.
  • You can now easily transfer an existing booking to another rental.
  • You can now earn πŸ’° money with Bookingmood by referring clients!
  • Booking notes can now be styled and URL's automatically become clickable hyperlinks.
  • premium You can now choose to always directly show the enquiry form below a widget.
  • premium Guests who submit an inquiry now receive a confirmation email about their enquiry.
  • premium Admins and superusers in an organization now receive email notifications of enquiries.
  • premium Visitors can now book via your public page.

March 2022

  • We've launched a WordPress plugin for Bookingmood. Now you can easily embed a widget of Bookingmood on your WordPress website. Learn how it works by reading our step-by-step manual.
  • Bookingmood now supports passwords as well. We started with password-less logins (log in via an e-mail confirmation link), but now the choice is up to you.
  • The affiliate program is now live and everyone can sign up here.
  • The website and dashboard is now available in πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Dutch!
  • The availability data on the calendar loads even faster now.
  • You can change the ordering of your rentals in various ways.
  • Launch of Bookingmood! πŸ₯³

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