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Guests can leave reviews about their stay. Reviews can be published and shared with others in many different ways!

Enable or disable reviews

Reviews are enabled by default. If you don't want to get reviews:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Turn off Show review prompt.

How guests can leave a review

The booking status page will show a review form when the booking has past. When the guest opens their booking status page, they will see a review form. They can fill and submit the form directly. They can also edit the review afterwards.

Guest review form

Accept or reject reviews

You can find all submitted reviews under the Reviews menu in your dashboard. Reviews have the Pending status by default. You can change the status to *Approved *or Rejected.

Dashboard with reviews

Displaying reviews

You can display and share your reviews in different ways.

Review widget

You can display reviews using the dedicated Review widget. This widget displays all reviews of a specific rental unit. To create a Review widget:

  • Go to Channels.
  • Click on + New channel.
  • Click on Review widget.

You can embed the review widget just like any other widget.

Review widget

Timeline and Inventory widget

Enable the setting Show reviews in the Timeline and Inventory widget to show reviews on the detail page of the unit. The 6 most recent reviews will be displayed.


Guest reviews will automatically show up on the Catalog and Single-unit sites. Average ratings will show up in search results and in the overview, and reviews on the detail pages.

Review average in search results

Review on detail page

Last modified March 7, 2024

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