Automated emails

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You can send emails to your guests. The emails can be sent manually, but some parts can also be automated.

Add an automated email

  • Open a unit and click on Booking flow.
  • Scroll down to Automated emails.
  • Click on Automated email.
  • Choose the moment.
  • Add the subject and content of the email.
  • Choose what the email should include further, and save it.
Link to booking pageAdd a button that links to the Booking status page with more details about the booking
Image of rented unitThe first image that you've uploaded to the unit, under Settings.
Booking detailsAll the information about the booking
iCal dataAttachment in iCal format that people can open to add the booking to their calendar
AttachmentsUpload attachments to the email, like a PDF with terms and conditions

The automated email is now linked to the Booking flow of the unit that you're editing. You can now add this existing automated email to the Booking flow of other units as well.

See what emails are planned to be sent

You can see what automated emails are going to be sent within a booking.

  • Open a booking
  • Click on the Messages tab or Expand the booking.
  • Find the automated email in the message window

Last modified November 30, 2023

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Add an automated emailSee what emails are planned to be sent