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Build your own booking form. Guests can fill out and submit these forms to make a booking. You can also add rates to booking form fields. Like a checkbox Breakfast, which adds a price to the booking once checked.

Edit a booking form

To edit a booking form, open a rental unit and click on Booking flow.

Contact details

Here you can select the fields that are related to contact details. These fields are not editable. The fields will be used to store all contact information under, which can ultimately be found under Contacts in the main menu of the dashboard. Every person that makes a booking will be stored as a Contact, using the fields that are enabled in the Booking flow.

Booking details

Here you can add custom fields:

Short text fieldSingle-line text input field
Long text fieldMultiple-line text input field
Number fieldField which only accepts a number
Time fieldField which only accepts a time notation, e.g. 10:15
Checkbox fieldCheckbox which can be checked and unchecked, can contain a 💰 price
Multiple choiceFor selecting between multiple options, can contain 💰 price
Fee / descriptionShow a message or add a 💰 price that isn't optional, like a required end cleaning fee

Fee examples

Please look at the examples very carefully.

Tourist tax per guest per night

Because a tourist tax doesn't need any user input and is usually required, you must use the Fee / description field.

Fixed end cleaning fee

You can add it as a Fee / description field.

Optional end cleaning fee

If the end cleaning is optional, you can add a Checkbox field for this, that can be checked or left unchecked. If checked, the fee will be applied to the booking.


If you offer various packages, options or additional things to top up your booking, you can use the Multiple choice field to add them.

Set up Taxes

You can apply taxes, like VAT, GST, Sales tax or other taxes to all your prices in Bookingmood.

Apply tax to a price

  1. Open a rental unit and click on Booking flow.
  2. Click on Rent.
  3. Below Price, click on Select applicable taxes.
  4. Create or select an existing tax.

If you choose On top of price, then the tax will be added on top of the prices and rates that you've set up. If you select Included in price, then the prices and rates that you've set up also include the tax.

Instruction video

Enable subtitles for instructions.

Last modified January 31, 2024

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