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Do you work with cleaners or maintenance staff? Add them to Bookingmood and work better together.

  • Cleaning and maintenance staff only sees basic information on confirmed bookings
  • Staff will see check-ins and check-outs.
  • Staff won't see private data or financial data, only the name of the first guest and the number of guests of the booking.
  • Add and assign tasks which they can check off.
  • You and the staff can share private notes.

Add a cleaning or maintenance staff member

  • Go to Team.
  • Click on + New member.
  • Select User as Role.
  • Under Permissions, select Maintenance for the concerned rental units.
  • Click on Invite to organization.

Permission management in Bookingmood

How it looks for the staff

When staff members log in, they will see the timeline. They can't perform any actions. They can click on a booking. They will see this:

Event seen as staff in Bookingmood


You can add tasks per booking for your team members. When they log in and open a booking, they will see the tasks, which they can check off.

Learn everything about tasks.

Private notes

You and your staff can leave private notes to a booking. These notes can only be seen by team members.

Sending private notes in Bookingmood

Last modified May 1, 2024

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