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The availability of your unit depends on the bookings you add or receive. But you can also apply Availability configurations to fine tune the availability of your unit.

  • Define specific check-in or checkout days.
  • Specify the minimum and maximum duration of a booking.
  • Decide how far in advance a booking can be made.
  • Block the calendar for some nights or days after each booking.

The settings that you apply are stored as so called Configurations. You can create multiple Configurations per rental. For example; a Configuration for every season. Then simply select the days where you want to apply the Configurations to!


A configuration contains rules. There are two types: Availability and Rates. You can add as many rules of both types to a Configuration. You can also add multiple Configurations. For example; one Configuration for each season.


Allow check-inChecking in is possible
Allow checkoutChecking out is possible
Bookings can be between _ and _ nights (or days) longMinimum and maximum duration per booking
Can be booked between _ and _ nights (or days) in advanceMinimum and maximum time before the booking
Block _ nights (or days) after each bookingKeep your rental closed for some time after each booking


Learn more about Rates configuration.

How to apply a Configuration

Click & drag on your calendar to apply a Configuration. Once you release the mouse, you will be able to select a Configuration to apply. After you have selected a Configuration the page will be saved automatically.

Configuration application in Bookingmood

Last modified January 31, 2024

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