Renting per night or per day

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Holiday homes are often rented per night. Other rentals, like wedding venues or a boats can often be rented on a daily basis. Per rental unit, you can choose whether it's for rent per night or per day.

🌙 Per night

  • Bookings are per night
  • Prices are shown and calculated per night
  • The calendar shows changeover days (split days)

Rent period per night

☀️ Per day

  • Bookings are per day
  • Prices are shown and calculated per day
  • The calendar shows fully booked days

Rent period per day

Change rent period

  • Click on Units.
  • Open a unit.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select the desired Rent period.
  • Click on Save.

Last modified June 17, 2024

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