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A rental can be part of another rental. Like a room that's part of a hotel. The availability of a single room depends on the availability of the complete hotel. And, if all rooms are booked, the complete hotel is also booked.

Select a main rental unit for a rental unit

  • Click on Rental units.
  • Click on the rental unit that you want to edit.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select the main rental unit that you want to use as 'parent'.
  • Click on Save.

You will now see an indicator. In the example below, the rental unit Lovely Villa is the main unit of Luxury Room.

Main unit link in Bookingmood


In the example below, Villa Smile is the parent rental of Room 1 and Room 2. If Villa Smile is booked, all rooms are unavailable. If one of the rooms is booked, then Villa Smile is unavailable as well, because it can't be booked as a whole anymore.

Timeline overview with linked units in Bookingmood

Last modified January 31, 2024

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