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You can add a booking directly from your dashboard via the Timeline. You can also add a booking by opening a rental unit first. If you want to let your website visitors make bookings, you must accept online bookings.

Adding a booking

  • Click and drag on the timeline.
  • Release the mouse.
  • Click on Confirm to save the booking.
TitleThe title of the booking
🟢 ConfirmedStatus that the blocked period is confirmed
🟠 PendingStatus that the blocked period is pending or tentative
UnitThe unit where the booking will be applied to
DatesThe check-in and check-out dates of the booking

Registering a booking in Bookingmood

After you confirmed to booking, a side panel will open. In this side panel, you can add a lot more details about the booking.

Last modified January 31, 2024

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