Redirect after booking

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After guests submitted a booking or booking request, you can redirect them to a specific URL or to the Booking status page.

Redirect settings

  • Open a widget.
  • Make sure that the widget has the Book interaction.
  • At After booking, select Redirect to URL or Show booking status page.

Widget redirect setting in Bookingmood

Instead of redirecting the user to the page as-is, we append some parameters to the search query of the URL (?param_1=value_1&param_2=value_2):

productName of the booked product
startArrival date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
endDeparture date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
referenceBooking reference
totalTotal price of the booking
full_nameHashed full name of the contact that made the booking
emailHashed email address of the contact that made the booking
phoneHashed phone number of the contact that made the booking
Name of occupancy groupThe occupancy per occupancy group

Last modified January 31, 2024

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